What Is the IPL Photofacial?

IPL treats sun spots and uneven pigmentation with our noninvasive intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial treatment, designed to target an array of skin imperfections for a more even, luminous and youthful-looking complexion.

IPL treatments are designed to target signs of skin damage and aging from a lifetime of sun exposure, including:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Sun spots and freckles
  • Blotchy, irregular pigmentation
  • Broken capillaries and redness

IPL offers dramatic results with little downtime and low risk of side effects. What are you waiting for?


Is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Right for You?

When the answer is “YES!” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider adding IPL treatment to your existing anti-aging regimen for the most beautiful results:

  • Does uneven pigmentation from broken facial veins and capillaries create a permanent flushed appearance?
  • Do you suffer from acne, rosacea, age spots or sun spots, large pores or fine facial lines that make you look older than your years?
  • Do you live an active outdoor lifestyle, making sun damage a major problem?
  • Are you distraught by the face you see reflected in the mirror, feeling that uneven pigmentation masks the beautiful skin beneath existing damage?
  • Are you interested in nonsurgical approaches to skin rejuvenation and long-term anti-aging benefits?


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Fast Facts

  • Treatments are quick and convenient, taking only about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Side effects are minimal and clear so quickly that many patients schedule IPL photofacial sessions during lunch breaks and return to work immediately after, requiring only a touch of foundation to mask any mild temporary redness that may occur.
  • In general, a series of 3 to 5 treatments scheduled at 4-week intervals is enough to address most skin concerns. Best results come with supplemental sun protection and a good home skincare routine.
  • Intense pulsed light can be used on the face and body to create a more luminous complexion in a variety of areas.
  • Treated spots will initially darken over about a week following treatment before they slough away.


Does It Hurt?

We’re often asked about how much pain to expect with our IPL photofacial therapies. Fortunately, IPL is generally well tolerated by most patients, with the sensation being described as similar to the snap of a rubber band. If you have more sensitive skin, you can request a topical numbing cream to be applied before your session. Following your treatment, you may look as if you have mild sunburn, but this should pass after just a few hours.


How Does It Work?

IPL works by exposing pigmented lesions (sun spots, freckles, and more) to short pulses of visible light. During phototherapy, the IPL laser sharply raises the temperature in your skin’s highly concentrated melanin (the substance that creates dark pigmentation in your skin), shattering the cells containing the pigment. Following treatment, your body will naturally replace these cells with newly generated, healthy skin cells for a more even, youthful appearance.



Targeted spots will temporarily darken and then flake off within a week of your IPL photofacial session. As a bonus, you may see a temporary slowing of hair growth in treated areas, too. Supplemented by a good home skincare regimen, the effects of IPL can be long lasting. After completing your treatment package, you will likely be able to maintain your beautiful, more even skin tone for at least a year before requiring additional maintenance treatments.


Other Treatments to Consider

If IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation sounds appealing to you, check out these other treatments that may also help improve the appearance of your skin:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling

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