Chemical Peels

Brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles or other concerns about your complexion got you down? At-home skin treatments and regular facial treatments sometimes aren’t enough to keep your face looking fresh and radiant. We offer a range of chemical peels to help remove dull, dead skin and reveal the younger, brighter skin beneath.

Our chemical peels come in a variety of treatment strengths: light, medium, deep, and customized combinations. Requiring little to no downtime and offering impressive beautifying and anti-aging results, our range of custom peels will help reveal your skin’s inner beauty.


Chemical Peel Fast Facts

  • Our peels help reverse sun damage and environmental stress at the cellular level.
  • Chemical peels are among the most effective treatments for melasma, a frustrating skin condition resulting in dark brown or gray-brown patches on the face or body.
  • Most peels require only one short session in our luxurious med spa, though you may want to have several treatments for maximum effectiveness.
  • The chemical peels we perform are compatible with almost all skin types, offering safe and effective rejuvenating benefits.
  • Peels have minimal side effects and downtime, meaning that you can improve your skin’s health and appearance without giving up the busy life you love.


Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

If you say “YES!” to any of the following questions, a light, medium, or Medical Grade chemical peel may help deliver the beautiful results you deserve.

    • Does stubborn melasma, sun damage, or the appearance of age spots and acne scars leave you in need of a targeted depigmentation treatment?
    • Has the combination of the bright sunshine and air pollutants left your skin looking blotchy or dull?
    • Does your busy schedule leave no time for complicated treatments with extensive downtime and recovery requirements?


Does It Hurt?

The chemical peel process is relatively painless although patients should expect mild side effects such as temporary redness, itching, and light flaking as the skin resurfacing takes place. Patients with skin sensitivity may be more aware of these concerns, but most report only minor discomfort. We will tell you more about what to expect during your consult. Know that we are committed to making your experience as comfortable and effective as possible.


How Does It Work?

All of our anti-aging peels include customized ingredients for chemical skin resurfacing that are just right for your complexion’s unique needs.


Epionce Lite Refresh Peel (30min)

Get that gorgeous glow even if you’re always “on the go” with the  Light Refresh Peel. Every treatment is customized to a target your individual skincare needs. Exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate cellular turnover to promote production of new collagen and elastin, improve facial tone and texture, restore skin damaged by the sun, control acne and regulate the skin’s pH balance.


The Perfect Peel® (60min)

Dramatic results without the drama! Suitable for all skin types, there is virtually no pain, no skin preparation and little downtime. The Perfect Peel® contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients that is highly effective in reducing age spots, acne scars, freckles and hyper-pigmentation (including Melasma). It will also soften fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin texture, clear acne, and stimulate the production of collagen for radiant, younger looking skin.


Glo Therapeutics Custom Peel (60min)

The GloTherapeutics chemical peels are a revolutionary breakthrough in chemical exfoliation treatments. This systematic approach is based on established research in combination with new scientific discoveries. These chemical peels contain unique and advanced formulations providing potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. GloTherapeutics chemical peels provide the ability to customize treatments for each individual client to achieve subtle, gradual or astonishing transformations. These chemical peels will help properly exfoliate the skin while repairing, rebuilding and renewing to assist during the healing and regeneration process.


Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

Blue Peel RADIANCE is the new addition to the Obagi medical range. It contains a unique blend of acids to provide a gentle but effective peel, resulting in tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin immediately after just one use. Salicylic acid–based peels are used to improve patient outcomes for a range of skin conditions including acne scarring, photo damage, and melasma. Blue Peel RADIANCE effectively exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers, leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant.



After your peel, you can see a brighter, rejuvenated reflection looking back at you from the mirror. Each of our various peels works differently, but most of them require only a limited amount of downtime. For light and some medium peels, patients sometimes report minor side effects such as mild redness or itching. You may see some flaking as skin resurfacing occurs and outer, damaged layers are removed, revealing more beautiful skin beneath. Stronger chemical peels will produce more redness and flaking, which may require more downtime.

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